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Sally Winterton 1

Life on the Waterways

A few weeks ago we asked for your help with filling out a questionnaire in which our moorers and visitors could detail life on our beautiful waterways.

From real life moments on the water to tips for new boat owners we received so many amazing responses that we know will provide a brilliant insight into this amazing lifestyle to our followers.

This week we hear about life on the water from Sally Winterton and her boat Blackthorn.

How long have you been cruising?
1 year

Full-time or weekend warrior?
Was part-time, now full-time

Is your boat a Narrowboat or Widebeam?

How did you choose what type of boat to go for?
Friends recommended and I want to travel as many canals as possible.

Do you stay at a marina, if so which one?
Saul Junction Marina

What do you like most about it, or what do you like most about continuous cruising?
I like the security of the marina when I need to be away. Lots of friendly neighbours and the ability to stay in one place. CCing gives you a different view as you moor and you can change or keep your neighbours.

Favourite cruising routes?
Only done the G&S due to lockdown.

What drew you to this lifestyle?
Introduced by a boyfriend.

What do you wish you knew beforehand?
Had a lot of advice given from friends, listen to it all and take away what makes sense.

Something you can’t live without on your boat?
Tea bags

What do you love most about life on the water?
Freedom, camaraderie and flexibility. Loving correcting gongoozlers who say "oh it must be cold".

Any particularly memorable moments or mishaps?
Stepping off the bow after mooring up on Christmas Eve and falling face first into the mud. Fantastic impromptu BBQs and cider afternoons.

Tips for any new boat owners?
Talk to as many people as you can, be open and take advice even if you do not fully follow it.

Sally Winterton 2
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